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Skater and Parent Etiquette


Perth Figure Skating Club

Roles & Responsibilities

The Skater’s Role:

  • It is the skater’s responsibility to make the most of the resources put before them. The best way to do this is to adhere to the necessary basic rules of courtesy during all on-ice activities. It is the responsibility of every skater to show respect for all other skaters, their parents, the volunteers, the coaches and all officials

The Parents’ Role:

  • It is your responsibility to show an active interest in your skater’s progress, to provide encouragement and to empathize when times are tough. Remember that you will play a leading role in shaping your skater’s attitudes; how they cope with success and failure, how they relate to other skaters, parents and officials and how they react to criticism. Are you setting a good example?
  • Help your skater to establish his / her own skating goals; do not impose your own goals.
  • Parents should never attempt to become the coach. The Coach is the professional – allow them to do their job.
  • Above all, remember that your skater wanted to skate for fun and fitness. Celebrate their accomplishments and comfort and encourage them when they have a bad day.

The Coach’s Role:

  • It is the Coach’s responsibility to teach and develop the skater’s technical ability
  • The Coach will also act as a Role Model and will play an important role in shaping the skater’s attitudes towards skating, sportsmanship, discipline and work ethic. This will last long into their working, adult lives. For this reason, it is important that you choose a coach who you respect as both a teacher and as an individual.

The Club’s Role:

  • It is the Club’s role to provide programming as well as opportunities for testing and competing.
  • With the exception of the Professional Coaches, the people who manage our Club are all volunteers.
  • In order to keep the Club financially sound, it is also necessary for the Club’s Executive to come up with innovative methods of fundraising. This offsets the shortfall from Registration fees, inevitable from a club the size of the P.F.S.C.

Skating Etiquette

To ensure that membership in the Perth & Lanark  Figure Skating Club is an enjoyable and safe experience and to ensure that parents receive value for the money that they pay, we ask all skaters, parents and coaches to respectfully observe the following rules of etiquette:

  • Skaters should arrive ahead of the start of their session and be changed and ready to go on the ice at the start of their session.
  • Skaters must wear appropriate skating attire during regular sessions. Skaters should refrain from wearing bobby pins or any other loose items which may fall onto the ice and trip other skaters.
  • Skates must be put on in the Dressing Rooms, only; PreCanSkaters and CanSkaters may use the designated benches. Skate guards should be used when off the ice.
  • The rink doors must be closed at all times during a skating session.
  • Skaters and Coaches must leave the ice, promptly, at the end of each session in order to allow the Zamboni to maintain its schedule. Skaters are not permitted on the ice until the Zamboni has completely left the ice and the door is closed.
  • Parents are not permitted to interrupt a Coach or Program Assistant while they are on the ice. If a parent must speak with a Coach, who is on the ice, he / she should do so while their child is in a lesson with that Coach, however the conversation should be kept to a minimum so as not to affect the Coach’s time with other skaters.
  • During skating tests, appropriate attire must be worn by all skaters.
  • Skaters must be moving on the ice unless they are waiting for their music to start (skaters should not be standing idle on the ice, at any time).
  • To ensure the safety of all skaters, it is imperative that skaters be aware and watchful of those around them. A collision between skaters could result in serious injury. The Coaches determine the music to be played, with priority given in order of request. Skaters, who are skating their program, must be given the right of way.
  • Priority must be given on the ice, as follows:
    1. Skaters in a lesson with music with their Coach
    2. Skaters in a lesson without music with their Coach
    3. Skaters with music
    4. Skaters without music
  • Spins should be done at the centre of the ice and jumps at the ends of the ice.
  • The use of cellular phones, iPods and MP3 players is strictly prohibited on the ice. Skaters and Coaches must leave the ice to utilize any of these devices.
  • Profanity and bullying is strictly prohibited, in the Dressing Rooms and on the ice. The skater will receive a warning at the first offence by a Coach or Executive member. If there is a second offence, the skater will be asked to leave the ice for the remainder of the session. Should the skater refuse to leave the ice, their skating privileges will be suspended for the next skating session. As a final recourse, repeat offenders will have their membership revoked without any further refund of fees. Any skater who is a victim of bullying should inform their parent(s) and Coach, immediately, and a letter of complaint should be sent to the President of the Perth Figure Skating Club.
  • Parents and NOT the Coaches and Executive are responsible for their children and should be present during their child’s session, particularly at the lower levels. It is MANDATORY that each PreCanSkate and CanSkate participant has a responsible adult present at the rink, at all times.
  • Skaters who fall should get up, quickly, and clear the way for other skaters (no sitting on the ice is permitted).
  • We expect our Senior Skaters to act as exemplary role models for our younger skaters, both on and off the ice.
  • Gum, candy, food and drink are strictly prohibited on the ice surface.
  • Due to insurance regulations, family, friends and coaches are prohibited on the ice surface if they are not a registered Skate Canada member, except in a medical emergency.
  • “Guest Skaters” are only permitted lessons from Skate Canada Coaches, who are affiliated with our Club, unless prior approval has been sought and granted by the Club’s Executive Board.
  • Skate Canada Coaches, who are not affiliated with our Club, must obtain approval from the Executive, prior to being permitted to coach any skater on any Club ice session; this includes Coaches of guest skaters.
  • Skate Canada members must obtain prior approval, from the Club’s Executive, to skate on a session for which they have neither registered nor paid for. Permission may be granted to “guest skate” by the Head Coach or by the Club’s President. However, the cost for the ice must be paid, prior to the skater going onto the ice.
  • Skate Canada Coaches, who are affiliated with our Club, must obtain the prior approval of the Club’s Executive, prior to inviting a skater from another club to “guest skate” for the purpose of providing instruction to that skater. Such a request will be considered only for infrequent lessons.

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