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Helmet Policy

All skaters up to CanSkate stage 6 MUST wear a CSA* (Canadian Standards Association) approved (hockey-style) ice helmet while participating in Perth Skating Club CanSkate programs.

Skaters in Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate stages 1-3 SHOULD also wear a facemask with their helmet, in order to prevent facial injuries in the event of a forward fall.  This is especially important for new or young skaters until they gain their balance and/or automatically put their hands out in front of themselves during a fall.

There are NO exemptions from this policy, as helmets are required for insurance purposes.

*CSA-approved ice helmets are those of a hockey style and do NOT include bicycle helmets. Bicycle helmets are designed to withstand only one impact event, whereas hockey-style helmets are designed to withstand several impacts; therefore, the hockey style helmets are the best product for the safety of the ice skater